Nike SB 4/20 Bonsai Janoski

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Continuing the tradition of a "4/20" inspired Nike SB the Bonsai Janoski has just been released. The 4/20 theme generally includes a strong marijuana influence or reference, and this years Janoski is no exception. While many people were disappointed by such a basic follow up to the Skunk Dunk High and Cheech and Chong Dunk Mid, others are feeling the simplicity. Check out the pics below and decide for yourself!

Nike SB 420 Bonsai Janoski For Sale

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More about the Bonsai Janoski

While many Nike SB fans were expecting another high top skate shoe to represent the 4/20 holiday this year others are big fans of Nike's choice to use their most popular shoe, the Stefan Janoski. The "Bonsai" Janoski features an all suede birch upper with a gum sole. The green piping, swoosh, and laces are obvious references to marijuana and the birch, or off white, suede is a reference to rolling papers. While the hype isnt as big as last years, I'd be sure to grab a pair of these to add to any LEGIT SB collection.

Nike SB Cheech and Chong 420 Dunks Out Now!

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After tons of rumors and speculation all over the internet, this week shops are finally seeing shipments of the Cheech and Chong Nike SB Dunk High arrive in stores. Also nicknamed the 4/20 dunk, this shoes April 20th release was pushed back due to production issues and many believed it would be canceled due to legal reasons. That is not that case! I've seen these shoes in person and they look awesome! Now it's time to see if anybody is going to actually skate them to reveal the green under the toe cap, or if this is gonna remain a collectors item. Judging by the looks of the few pairs popping up on eBay below, these things are going to be EXPENSIVE. The sooner you buy a pair the better!

Cheech and Chong Dunks for sale on Ebay

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Happy Birthday to the Skunk Dunk!

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Just wanted to make a post in honor of the 1 year anniversary of the Nike SB Skunk Dunk High. This is probably the most popular Nike SB Dunk High release in the past few years, maybe even of all time. Released on 4/20/2010, this dunk has obvious references to the marijuana holiday, including a purple "stoned" skunk on the insole. These shoes look pretty wild but for the potheads out there, which happen to overlap largely with the sneaker collector crowd, this shoe is a must have.

Nike SB Skunk Dunk on Ebay

More About the Skunk Dunks by Nike SB

As you can see in the picture, the shoe features a fuzzy green and purple material covering it. There are evenĀ  sparkling "crystals" mixed in to create a really obvious look. These dunks sold out all across the country as soon as they came out and shops still get calls about them. If you missed it, you might get lucky to grab a pair under $300 on eBay. Otherwise you'll have to hope that the delay of this year's "420" dunk makes it to the stores.

Nike SB 2011 4/20 Dunk “Cheech and Chong”

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After months of rumors and no official confirmation, the 2011 4/20 Nike SB Dunk High quickstrike has finally been leaked. This year's 4:20 dunk features a Cheech and Chong theme. The shoe's feature a different back panel for each shoe, one being a bandanna to represent Tommy Chong and the other being a striped felt to represent Cheech's beanie (see picture below).

The Dunk features a white canvas that will slowly shred away when worn in or skated and reveals a green layer of suede underneath. It wouldn't be a 4:20 dunk without the weed reference thrown in there, and the "rolling paper" toecap is definitely an awesome addition to the shoe. These dunks will be one of the most exclusive shoes available this year, so if you want a pair, you might as well get to your local SB dealer a couple days early to avoid paying hundreds from resellers. Want more info on the shoe? Check out this new interview with Todd Bratrud about his inspiration for creating some of the most iconic Nike SB shoes to date.